a Manifestation of Hatred

by Arioch

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released September 28, 2014

S- drums
T- guitars and vocals
N- Bass

All songs composed by Arioch
Recorded and Mixed by N.E. and J.L.
Mastered by ArachnoDirge



all rights reserved


Arioch Marquette, Michigan

Originally formed in the summer of 2012, Arioch's main goal is to write and perform original extreme metal which all of it's members share a passion for.

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Track Name: Mortal Unrest
<Let us rejoice for man is weak>

Longing to be lead through chaos and control
Such is the burden of free will
Such ye hath bestowed

Seest thou these stones,
in this parched and barren land?
Hast thou not bore witness
to the suffering of man?

When tempted,
thou didst not come down
thus denying power unending
We shall undo what ye hath wrought
the destruction of thy kingdom imminent

free from this burden for they have suffered
we have allied with Him
Track Name: Midwinter's Silence
My home, the north
and hers the sun
which shines upon my weary back
it gives me rest
a blissful solace
a longing to return

I offer my soul
I offer this mortal light
I offer this earthly existence
For a trancendental death

Speaking not the words
this place hath gifted us
with silent understanding
Enshroud me in thy immortal essence
I am to become one with thee

primordial presence, unyielding force
dwelling in an ancient domain
I now reside in solitude
I now await her coming
Track Name: Elder Invocation
Forbidden lore
Ancient tounge
New epochs
Forbidden eons

Call from beyond
Speaking thy name
Rites of the Old
Earthly collapse

Revering the Elder Sign
Breaking the Arcane seals
Ushering this new age
Of spiritual corruption

Ia Fhtagn!